Welcome to Business of Weather

Business of Weather is an independent podcast and webinar producer which aims to raise awareness of the business opportunities of addressing the impacts and challenges of extreme weather & climate change.

To help do this we have developed the Business of Weather Podcast. In each episode we interview leading experts from business, public enterprise and academia, to investigate how weather & climate change impact business, society and the economy, and how weather & climate services can be used to address the growing challenges to weather-affected social, public and private enterprises.

We have three main target audiences:

  • Budding entrepreneurs, post graduate students, scientists & engineers, etc. Our aim is to help them understand the business potential of using their skills and knowledge to assist the growing number of social, public and private enterprises impacted by extreme weather & climate change.
  • Weather affected enterprises in general and the investment community in particular. Our aim is to help them better understand the impacts that extreme weather & climate change on their activities and how weather & climate services can help them address the challenges.
  • Potential investors, including venture capitalists, business angels etc. Our aim is to enable them to understand the opportunities for investing in startups and SMEs developing weather-related products & services designed to assist weather affected enterprises meet the challenges of extreme weather & climate change.

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