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Business of Weather aims to help increase awareness and understanding of the enormous impact increasingly extreme weather & climate change are having on global society, health, business, economics and financial stabilty.

Business of Weather also investigates the growing number of business opportunities of addressing the impacts of extreme weather & climate change.

To help do this we have developed the Business of Weather Podcast. In each edition of the Podcast, we’ll aim to look at two communities. Firstly, the ‘weather business’ itself. That is, the commercial technology companies and providers of data and forecasting services, the national meteorological services, and the scientific and research community, which all have a professional interest in the impact of weather & climate change and are collectively termed the ‘Global Weather Enterprise’. Secondly, all those public and private sector organisations and service providres which are impacted by the weather (weather affected end-users) and can benefit from the technologies, data, products and services of the Global Weather Enterprise.

With the assistance of leading experts from business, public enterprise and academia, each edition will creatively, accurately and incisively examine how weather & climate change impact business, society and the economy, and how weather & climate services can be used to address the growing challenges to all those public and private enterprises impacted by them.

Who is the target audence?

  • private sector providers of weather technology and forecasting services
  • public sector national weather services and other agencies with an interest in extreme weather & climate change (e.g. publc health, power and water utilities, etc.)
  • academics and researchers involved in the science, technology, business and social aspects of extreme weather & climate change
  • national and international agencies with an interest in extreme weather & climate change (e.g. World Meteorological Organisation, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme)
  • weather affected public and private enterprise
  • insurers
  • business startups, SMEs, and established businesses interested in learning more about the potential business opportunities of addressing the impacts of extreme weather & climate change

It is also available to all other audiences although at the outset of this project they are not being directly marketed to.

Who are we?

The Business of Weather Podcast is an editorially independent audio magazine edited and produced by Ian Harper, a business journalist and member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), and the conference director of Asia Climate Forum, Asia’s largest conference & exhibition dedicated to extreme weather & climate change, flooding and poor air quality.

Business of Weather is produced in association with Asia Climate Forum and for more information, visit: www.asiaclimateforum.com

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