Business of Weather Episode 15: You makes your choice

In this episode of Business of Weather, we speak to Josh Gregory, the founder of Sugi, a smartphone App to help you check the carbon impact of your investments.

If you buy and sell your own shares then you make the decision to buy or to sell. No one tells you to do it and no one makes you do it.

But to make the decision that best suits you requires information. And, when it comes to climate change, you probably want information about the impact the company you plan to invest in has on on the climate. For example, what’s the carbon footprint of that company’s activities?

If you have a financial adviser, then the chances are that he or she can help you here. But if you don’t have an adviser, but prefer to do your own wheeling and dealing on the stockmarkets, what can you do then?

Well, one possibility is to use an App that provides you with precisely the sort of information you need to green your own investments.

Produced by Ian Harper

Theme music by John Cockram