The Business of Weather

MoneyVista is dedicated to highlighting the risks & opportunities of extreme weather & climate change for public & private enterprise – including the potential new business opportunities – especially for business startups & SMEs, entrepreneurs & investors.

What is Business of Weather Podcast about?

  • Applying meteorological & hydrological science & technology to develop ‘smart’ ways to mitigate & manage the risks & impacts of extreme weather & climate change & build resilience & adaptability.
  • Building public-private-academic co-operation to meet the challenge of extreme weather & climste change
  • Addressing the social, economic, financial & political consequences for the public & private sectors resulting from extreme weather & climate change.
  • Realising the business opportunities created by addressing extreme weather & climate change – especially for innovative business startups & SMEs.
  • Identifying the risks & opportunities for investors of assets exposed directly and/or indirectly to extreme weather and climate change.
  • Promoting expertise in the development of technologies, forecasting services & other products & services crucial to managing and mitigating the impacts of extreme weather & climate change.
  • Addressing the gender balance in the science & business of weather.

By means of interviews with leading experts, we shall be looking at every sector affected by extreme weather & climate change, from agriculture & food production, manufacturing, energy generation, transmission & conservation, to telecommunications, human & animal health, transport, tourism, leisure & sport, & the urban environment.

We will examine the rapid advances taking place in the ‘science & technology of weather’, including data acquisition, analysis, communication, modelling & forecasting.

Extreme weather events & climate change are having an increasingly significant impact on the lives & livelihoods of all the world’s population, on the business enterprises that create wealth and employment, on the public services that keep society running & make business possible, & on economic, financial & political stability.

Business of Weather interviews will involve key people, groups & organisations who are influenced by & can help influence the consequences of extreme weather & climate change.

Stay tuned …

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