Business of Weather Episode 16: Infinite energy?

In this episode of Business of Weather, we speak to Rob McLeod, the CEO of Infinite Energy, a business set up to commercialise what is called the ‘Infinite Power Cell’.

As climate change accelerates, the need to replace fossil fuel-based energy generation, transport and other sources of carbon emissions with sustainable and environmentally friendly substitutes is becoming increasingly urgent.

While the increasing efficiency and quantity of solar and wind generated electricity will go a long way towards achivieng this, there are many instances where grid supplied power is unsuitable, inadequate or non-existent.

What’s more, the growth in use of electric cars – while hugely welcome – is likely to push the existing means of generating and distributing electricity to the limit and probably beyond it.

The ‘Infinite Power Cell’ is a revolutionary clean technology which uses semiconductor material to convert the invisible rays emitted by radioisotopes such as Cobalt-60 into electricity in a way which is analogous to conventional solar cells converting visible sunlight into electricity.

However, the Infinite Power Cell is claimed to be 600% more effective than a conventional solar cell and the cheapest source of electricity on the planet with an estimated cost as low as 2 cents per kilowatt hour. Too good to be true?