The WeatherPod AI Special, Episode 3: ECMWF’s strategy for using AI predictions

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The WeatherPod
The WeatherPod AI Special, Episode 3: ECMWF's strategy for using AI predictions

The guest this episode is Florian Pappenberger, Deputy-Director General & Director of Forecasts at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the ECMWF.

Hosts David Rogers and Alan Thorpe delve into the ECMWF’s use of AI and how this may impact it’s future products and services, especially when it comes to their use in the developing countries by meteorological services and other customers.

Florian leads the ECMWF’s Forecast Department which is responsible for the production of weather forecasts, forecast quality control, and the development of novel forecast products.

ECMWF has for a while been experimenting with using deep learning to produce a data-based AI weather prediction model and last October Florian played a key role in the launch of the Artificial Intelligence / Integrated Forecasting System. This is the ECMWF’s first forecasting system incorporating a machine learning prediction module.